The little dear who will accomplish greater things than the ferocious bear


At the age of 3, a very shy Dyani began dancing at The Houston Metropolitan Dance Center. She later continued her training in Contemporary Jazz, Modern, and Ballet at Sam Houston State with hopes of one day owning a dance studio. Upon graduating she found something else was tugging at her.


After a failed attempt to become a runway model of average height in Austin, Dyani began acting and fell in love! She packed up her car and moved to Los Angeles where she discovered she was ridiculously funny and quite charming. Dyani immersed herself in the world of comedy, studying at The Upright Citizens Brigrade, The Groudlings, and The Actor's Comedy Studio. You can catch her performing improv with her teams 'Oreo' and 'SandraOMG', performing stand-up by herself, or performing for her family in an ongoing play called 'I swear my career is coming together.'


Life Goal: To BECOME JASON BATEMAN...but like, a lady version.